Thursday, April 29, 2010

Love Your Ghosts Tattoo

A while back a friend asked me to design them a chest piece with the phrase "love your ghosts". They liked the way I used Compendium in a vinyl piece I did so I thought i would have some fun with it.


Anonymous said...

i really love the first one on the second box and have been searching for a font for my tattoo, being cheeky i see you designed this for your friend any chance you could use that one to say "love makes things possible, not easy" and post it on here, if got my tattoo booked in on thursday, id really appreciate it.. xxx

Anonymous said...

You are talented! So I have a question... I have been contemplating getting a small wrist tattoo that says "serenity." There is a tattoo artist here that everyone says is great at lettering. However, I went in to talk to him and didn't get much feedback. He basically told me to look through the font books and find something I liked. But of course most script fonts don't have the pretty flourishes, etc that you show above. How do I get something like what you show above designed?
I'd appreciate any insight you might have on this. I think maybe he wasn't giving me much info because I wasn't coming in for a huge arm tat. I just want something elegant and simple... it's my first tat and I'm 40 :)
Thanks for your help!

Paty said...

I love it!
Andres, I am planning on getting my first tattoo and I'd be honored if you design it with that same lovely font. (the third one from top to bottom)
Is there any place where I can download or buy your font?
Greetings from Tucson, Arizona!

Anonymous said...

Hey Andres
Planning a tattoo and totally love your font as well. It's so elegant. Any chance to buy / download?

Comment leavers,
in case anyone of you has had success please let me know. Thanks so much in advance!

Love from NY