Thursday, May 29, 2008

Science has been kickin ass since the Enlightenment!

I seriously wish I could be in NY at this festival. After tasting an event like this at this years Yuri's Night, this 5 day event looks AWESOME. Colbert and Theoretical Physicist, Brian Green, talk it out. I'll be posting a few things in the next few days about event coverage, ESPECIALLY! this: On Saturday, May 31, neurologist and author Oliver Sacks will join neuroscientist Mark Tramo and the Abyssinian Baptist Church Choir in the World Science Festival Event Music and the Brain, an exploration of the power of music to inspire and uplift, and as an effective tool in the therapeutic process.

"Political Science"

After reading an article today titled "Political Science" from the online magazine Science News, I stopped and thought about San Francisco. Usually when talks about the developments of a green city come up, especially New York, it's hard not to stop for a second and compare things with San Francisco. 

The article talks about recent statements made by NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg made this morning at the first World Science Summit(watch the Cobert video).  Bloomberg was speaking in front of over 100 leading Scientists about the complicated relationship that science has with politics.
"He pointed, for instance, to the fact that fully a half-century ago, scientists were already linking smoking with cancer. By the 1970s, science had also begun predicting that increased carbon-dioxide emissions from fossil-fuel burning would warm the climate “with the potentially catastrophic consequences that are playing out now, all over the world.” Yet society fought anti-smoking campaigns as vehemently as the Bush administration has fought regulations to slow climate change.

And the reason? “Far too often,” the mayor contends, “it's because of what I call ‘political science’ - the willingness [of governments] to disregard or suppress scientific findings when they don't conform to a pre-determined political agenda.”

This isn't news, but I'm extremely happy to hear that it's being talked about in NY as I write this, by people who might actually be able to do something about it. In much the same way Bloomberg made great changes in public smoking laws in New York (acc. to the article, smoking is down 20% from 2002), he also took it into his own hands to create change with NY's carbon emissions. 

"Bloomberg had city agencies measure New York’s carbon footprint. And it was huge: some 58 million metric tons of CO2 per year – and growing. Last October, in response to the findings, he signed an executive order forcing city agencies to cut their CO2 emissions 30 percent by 2017. To make the necessary changes, he said, “we've committed 10 percent of our annual energy costs – equal to roughly $80 million a year.”...He's also instructed city cabbies to convert to hybrid vehicles or similarly high-fuel-economy cars within four years. That’s a big change considering New York’s is the biggest taxi fleet in the world."

That's pretty awesome progress. Imagine what a statement it would be to have a NY with all hybrid cabs?
Come on Gavin Newsom! We gotta catch up! So far, our only outlet (as far as I know) is the new SF company Green Cab that, so far, has only like, 5 cabs! Knowing this city, we don't NEED our mayor to make these changes. Green Cab will catch on pretty quick.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

8-Trck Engineer Ep.03, my swedish sigh

In celebration for the new track by The Radio Dept, this 8-Trck Engineer is strictly Swedish. Over the last 2 weeks I got a hold of the new Action Biker and an older album by The Bridal Shop. I realized that I keep running into these Swedish albums and then a few days ago I get the new Radio Dept track and then I just couldn't stop myself. I had to share my Swedish friends with all of you. My Swedish sigh begins as a burst of electric air but as I exhale it calms to barely a few night-time piano strokes. Enjoy.

trck-1. The Knife, Forrest Families... the album Silent Shout was on EVERYONE's top lists for 2006. I was no exception. This album is one of the freshest electronic album in a while. it felt super dark but sometimes made you feel slightly uncomfortable, but had amazing hooks and use of vocals that picked you right up from it's intense imagination. It didn't try to make anyone happy and seemed to exist within the genre without the support of the genre itself.
trck-2. The Legends, Play it For Today... this is from The Legend's last release in 2006 Facts and Figures. Where previously they had this great british pop shoegaze sound, the now have a euro pop shoegaze electronic sound. That seems like a pretty good evolution right? Well, they made the jump extremely well and I'm looking forward to see what else they come up with.
trck-3. The Bridal Shop, From Seas... from 2007's From Seas, this song is a great hint at the 7 track album that really hasn't received much attention, or at least as much as it should have by people who love this genre. You like old New Order? You like the airy vocals and modest-pop? you like the Bridal Shop.
trck-4. The Radio Dept, Feddie and the Tojan Horse... What can I say? this band is track for track pure enjoyment. They seriously make me feel special when I'm listening to them. Does that sound stupid? fuck it. I'm excited about this song because it's off their new album scheduled for September. CAN'T WAIT.
trck-5. Action Biker, Love for Sure... This is Sarah Nyberg Pergament's little solo music. This is off 2008's Hesperian Puisto, Action Biker's first official album release. This album better catch on here in the States. If it doesn't I'll be really surprised. Maybe I should write to Pitchfork and tip em off... nah. they suck.
trck-6. Jens Lekman, I'm Leaving You Because I Don't Love You... One of my favorite songs of 2007! This album, Night Falls Over Kortedala was on rotation for MONTHS here at home and at work. This album was impossible not to like.
trck-7. Jose Gonzalez, Cycling Trivialities... Another top 2007. This is off Jose's second full length, In Our Nature. You need to own both albums if you already don't. Seriously
trck-8. El Perro Del Mar, From the Valley to the Stars... This song is off of Sarah Assbring's 2008's From the Valley to the Stars. This also is a great hint as to the rest of the album. I love the feel of this album as it is completely connected to the name. I would love to be laying at the bottom of a beautiful valley looking up watching the stars. El Perro Del Mar is hard to catagorize because conceptual-folk-pop doesn't do her justice. I'll just say I'm a fan and keep it at that.

Friday, May 23, 2008

8-Trck Engineer Ep.02: It Will Never Die.

Seriously. Rock and roll will never end. Take a few minutes and listen to this quick mix and you'll know what I'm talking about. THIS IS FRESH and this is 50 years old!

For my girlfriend Junia's upcoming 25th Birthday party I've been neck-high with Rock and Rockabilly music from the 50's and 60's. I've been wading through tons of songs finding good ones for all those Guys and Gals to boogie to this weekend. I'm not much of a Rockabilly myself, but I do really enjoy old rock and roll just like the next music lover. Actually, when I was talking with my dad recently playing him 2007's Little Barrie he said "you haven't changed! You know what your FIRST tape was from Music Trader? You were in elementary school!" "No, I don't remember, what was it?" "your first tape was the Stray Cats!"

Shit! I was cool back then too! Enjoy. You can download the full mix (song-by-song..sorry still figuring it out) by clicking!

8-Trck Engineer: May 23rd 2008
It will never die Rockabilly Mix

Thursday, May 22, 2008

It will never fail.

Frank Lloyd Wright said "Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you." These limited edition Spirograph prints are intense! They are the work of Greig Anderson aka Effektive, a 26-year-old designer in Glasgow. I came across them on ISO50's blog. Scott Hansen (aka ISO50) has been on my RSS for a bit now and it's one of the few blogs I actually go to almost everyday not only because I love his design but because he shares some amazing stuff like these prints!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

8-Trck Engineer Ep.01

I haven't posted in almost a week... I've been thinking about how I want to post music and was gathering my thoughts. I've also been busy job hunting and party-planning for my girlfriends 25th birthday party.

The way I was posting music before was somewhat akin to a pirate ship. There's a lot of music blogs out there that are posting albums everyday. I'm not going to lie, I do get some music that way. But after doing it myself I started feeling the moral weight getting heavier and heavier. Granted, only like 3 people even downloaded the albums I posted (why is that?), I'm still changing it up.
Instead of uploading full albums from current artists I'm listening to, I'm going to become....wait for it.....
The 8-Trck Engineer!
twice a week I will be hosting an 8 track mix. So for the 3 or 4 of you out there that come across this blog, maybe you'll look forward to some new music, maybe some old music and maybe some different music. I'm going to get back on this blog-of-a-horse and cover some new and interesting things going on in my world. Leave me some comments yo!

8-Trck Engineer, May 21st 2008
The Mutual Electricity mix

1. Apparat - Arcadia (boys noize remix)- Boys Noize have been really busy the past year. They've been on top of the best remixs from Justice to Feist. The original song from the album Walls was in my top 5 songs of 2007. HIGHLY recommend Apparat.
2. Feist - My Moon My Man (boys noize remix)- Thought these two tracks needed to be friends. Feist's vocals always kill. I really liked this remix. I'd like to hear more good electronic Feist songs.
3. Hercules & Love Affair - This is the single from the new album put out by New York DJ Andy Butler under DFA Records. Antony Hegarty (of the awesome Antony & the Johnsons) guests on this track.
4. Caribou - She's The One (Hot Chip Remix)- Caribou's Andorra was one of my top albums of 2007. Throw in a remix from Hot Chip? Can't beat it. This track has been playing since I got it last month.
5. Gablé - Puree Hiphop (7 Guitars with a Cloud of Milk)- Honestly...I don't know who Gable is. I just got this track from Bleep's latest comp and I LOVE IT... I LOVE THIS TRACK. I'm going to research these guys or guy or girl right now. bye.
6. Four Tet - Ribbons - Off his new 2008 4 track "Ringer" album. This is not the Four Tet everyone's used to and you can only love him more for it.
7. Flying Lotus - Parisian Goldfish - Flying Lotus has been coming up the last year. This is off 2008's Los Angeles - a perfect album for when your in the mood for head-bobbing to non-intrusive beats.
8. Junior Boys - No Kinda Man - This is an exclusive track for Body Language Six, a mix cd for Get Physical's series. Anything JB puts out I jump on... JB makes me feel good.

all artists links are to myspace.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Blu u blow my MIND

My theory is this: Vision, as one of our senses, is pretty much predominant in everyday life. We use all our senses, but our vision uses the most brain power in our every day activities (driving our cars, walking through streets, reading our books and newspapers). When you think about how much we rely on our vision for everything, I think we sell ourselves short when it comes to new visual experiences. I'm not talking about some blockbuster movie or drama though- those are people doing people things maybe just with different settings or ideas. I'm talking about experiences that are truly new to our senses. They might be minute and mundane enough for us not to even notice, or huge and significant enough to make us stop and involuntarily drop our jaws. 
I can tell you the last time a visual experience made me tear (don't laugh jerk)... I was with my girlfriend Junia (her blog Tonteria) watching the movie Sunshine on opening night (check out the video down below after READING THE REST!). The visuals and sound in some of the scenes that focus on the Sun are amazing on a huge screen. One scene made me seriously tear-up, I was so in awe. I honestly had a fuckin tear go DOWN MY CHEECK! I didn't cry, I just...I don't know, emotionally leaked. I'd never experienced that. The heaviness of the movies' concept just crashed down on me when I saw that awesomely CG rendered Sun, almost as if I was in that movie. Back to my point. My theory. My theory is simple- we often forget the power of new visual experience simply because we live visually. It's over-stimuli. Too many people's problem is that they are so used to not fully appreciating something because of the amount of crap there is in this world. I know people that just have this serious mental block from appreciating something new so much so that it never even reaches the point of whether they can judge if they like it or not. If they've never seen it, it's not for them. "Eh..I don't know what that is, what's over there" 
We need to stop sometimes and let that new experience at least have a chance at affecting us. SO! When I come across new audio/visual pieces that really let me experience something fresh I can't help but share it.

That being said, I wanted to share this insane video from Blu, titled MUTO. This was made in Buenos Aires but Blu has some amazing wall pieces all over the damn planet. Check out his nice website. This piece is going to set a bar...I don't know what bar, but it is. Bombers, taggers, designers, video makers, and illustrators ALL OVER THE WORLD....... WATCH

here's the trailer to Danny Boyle's Sunshine......jerk.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

dude you heard the man...

...whatcho mama say?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Deadly Avenger - Blood & Blossoms

Imagine this. Ambient sounds slowly pulsing, add piano and strings over it till it reaches the height of a classical crescendo, the climax keeps going all the while the strings get a little more potent, stabbing out of the background, then the piano and strings go it alone until it's just the strings stabbing, then the retro synth beat starts. It almost scares you how it jumps in out of no where, almost as if you were at a classical recital and then some break-dancing kid jumps on stage with his ghetto-blaster jamming some eighties freestyle beat while he starts shuffling around the orchestra. That's the title track, Blood & Blossoms, off Deadly Avenger's last album. There's a lot of twists like that in this album, and if you like beats and instrumental music, seriously give this a try. My only advice is not to skip any of it, cause like I said, there are tons of nice and very fresh twists that might not happen till half way through a song- and most of those twists are enough to make you grin and think "damn, you sly Mr. Avenger..." If you like it buy it. click on sendspace for the album DL

Monday, May 5, 2008

What all good music needs to do.

I listen to a lot of music, but I can't say all of it really inspires me. Being inspired by music is probably the purest form of inspiration you can experience. There's nothing but your brain and sound. The fact that this simple relationship can be so complex and so meaningful says something about the power of sound and music. The sad thing is that this relationship isn't true for everyone; but for those who this is, music can be extremely powerful. Powerful enough to immediately change our moods or make us cry from just the sheer emotional force that music carries within in it- rather, I should say the sheer emotional force that our brains interpret from the sounds. Music has no emotionality, it's just vibrating air waves. Our brain is what assembles the music, and since every brain reacts differently to each of the different senses we have, we can kind of say that we all interpret music different from one another. This is why some people listen to tons and tons of music, don't listen to music at all, or just listen to crap. Just kidding. But really, my brain processes Celine Dion and Jack Johnson in a similar way it makes me cringe like when I accidentally take a drink from some old lumpy milk. On the other hand, when I hear the right music, I swear I can feel all the positive neurological firings going off in my skull. My brain fuckin lights up! Among my top inspirational music (in no part. order) are Radiohead, Epic45, (early)New Order, Apparat, The Album Leaf, M83, Explosions In The Sky, and Four Tet. There a more of course, but these are a few off the top of my head.

On to current events...
As most of you know Radiohead is having a remix contest for Nude (, which for the most part has been very successful. However, did you know that Radiohead is in the middle of a video contest too? Aniboom is hosting a music video contest for songs off of In Rainbows. I believe you can still submit. I got a few days to myself this week, so let's see if I can come up with something. Radiohead has always gave my creative mind a little jumpstart when it needed one. Check out flight404's amazing video for Weird Fishes: Apreggi. Shit, I know it'll be hard competing against videos like this, but that's not the point. This video is inspiring me to create my own regardless of a contest. so lookout.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


How awesome would it be if all your friends carried this around? come on it's only 100 bucks! We could run into each other walking down Haight and exchange some playlists. This is the miShare. It let's you transfer music, video, photos, anything you've got on your ipod, to another ipod. It only takes about 10 seconds a song which ain't bad at all.

M83 - Saturdays = Youth

If you could plug a speaker into my highschool life, it would sound like the new M83, Saturdays = Youth. I'm not sure if that's the case because (a) of all the things I've read and heard regarding Anthony Gonzales' attempts at manifesting this feeling of nostalgia, specifically to the 80's, (b) I've watched the video to "Graveyard Girl" too many times, or (c) this album really just does accomplish what it set out to do- make you feel like an emotional teenager. You would hear Andres sitting in his room making mix tapes solely using songs from The Cure and New Order. You would hear Andres at shows thinking he has some connection with a cute girl across the room because they keep making eye contact. You would hear the red lights of a weekend party and you would hear the fire of a bonfire at Imperial Beach. Although I didn't go through highschool in the 80s, I went through highschool an 80's kid. Every weekend I'd go to Music Trader to look for an 80's New Wave compilation I didn't already have. On the weekends I'd watch eighties movies with Junia, the 80's movie trivia master. She can literally see .5 seconds of a movie from the 80s and tell you exactly what it is. 

Saturdays = Youth brings all your teen drama back but it brings it back in the same heaviness that you felt it when you were 17. The best part is that this isn't a "throwback" record. This is new and this is purely M83 as no one else could have made a record like this. Saturdays = Youth does differs from M83's wall-of-emotion-wall-of-sound from the albums before by taking the same layers they've always used and re-arranges them to let a little air through and which means the album is a little more accessible. Anyone can like this album, which is a first for M83. 
The first track everyone heard off this album was Couleurs, as it was released months before the album and now after listening to this album for a few weeks, I feel it was a brilliant move. I loved the song but was a little uncomfortable with the idea that M83 was not going to be my electronic equivalent to shoegaze anymore. TOTALLY WRONG, in-fact that track creates the perfect break from what otherwise would have been an album with too strong a focus. That track blends and blurs it enough so all the...couleurs (if you will) create an overall beautiful piece of art. If you like this album, go buy it and support them on their tour. They play here in SF on May 21st. Enjoy.

Save The Date!

Alright, so a few weeks ago I took part in a "Save the Date Challenge" held by The 1st place prize is 1000 dollars and a I'm feeling slightly confident. Slightly. There's some really good designs. There's some not so good ones either, and hopefully voters will place mine in the  first category. I called mine "Spring Theory." A kind of play off the title "String Theory." I wanted to make it light with very thin accent lines that would curve into the picture. There's a slight antiqueness added to the lower portion where the text goes, but I'm not so sure people will see that. The couple pictured wanted something that went well with their outdoor garden theme wedding with bright colors. I was kinda tripping myself over my color palette and I think I could have come up with something better. I guess Yuri's Night sucked some of the creativity out of me (I had to submit this a few days after the event).  In any case, it makes me feel a little more confident that I can design wedding stationary. This business is lacking a lot of design and is totally over-priced everywhere. That's a great combination to dive into. So I'm confident in my design, but doubtful that I'll win anything. But it's been fun feeling this anticipation and I'm going to look forward to future design challenges. REGISTER AND VOTE! REGISTER AND VOTE!
check out the submissions here: