Wednesday, July 30, 2008

mis fotos

I finally uploaded half the Diana pics Junia and I have taken over the last few months! I'll soon be using some of these as backgrounds for some vinyl pieces I'll be selling through Popote (which I still haven't posted about..don't ask me why). Popote is our new company in which we will be designing, making, and selling greeting cards, home decals, and various other items using vinyl as the "print" medium. cool huh? anyways, gotta love the lomography cameras. These are all shot with the Diana F+ using either kodak black and white or Fuji color, 120 medium format film.
I took these shots on the plane ride back from San Diego! Junia was feeling kinda sick and I was sitting there with the camera in my lap like a tonto tourist who has never seen clouds!





GOTTA love the nasty Mariachi's! these guys were humping EVERYONE. These are at a 90th birthday party in Imperial Beach.



I have more up on my flickr.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Poster for last post!

What's up! I've been suuuper duper busy with things! I haven't had any time to spare for Soundslikeyouandme :( In any case! I found the poster for the Ellen Allien and Modeselektor show in Sept. (i know i know...pretty ugly, but the show's gonna rock!) See you there!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ellen Allien + Modeselektor

Those of you in SF!
Make sure you purchase your tix to one of the coolest shows of the year. On Friday Sept 5th, bpitchcontrol-ers, Berlin-based Ellen Allien and Modeselektor are playing at Mighty. Get your tix soon cause this is a definite sell-out show. I've been waiting for a show to make me this excited for a while- now all I have to do is wait 2 months. They don't have a flyer for the show yet, but keep on the lookout for one here.

Here's a quick mix of the two to get your mouth watering. then you will HUNGER!

here's the Muxtape if you wanna try it out.

BTW! stay tuned for the next 8-Trck Engineer. I'm working on my super summer 80's mix. s'gonn' be hot!
I love the new Ellen Allien album art. I have it as my desktop background! The color palette and the simplicity of it just turn me on. totally turn me on. Unfortunately the album isn't quite as bursting as the art. I put one of the good tracks as the last song on the mix.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Something that's been missing from all of our jumps to a more digital and "connected" life is the craft of mixtaping. It's something I've been really trying to bring with 8-Trck Engineer. Someone else has been thinking about it and they come out with Muxtape. Muxtape started in March of this year and it's a place for users to create mixtapes in a super simple way without going through a ton of loops. All you need is 12 songs to upload and your set. I love the minimal and bright colors which make it feel very 8-bit and non-intimidating. They even get musicians and celebs to post up some mixes which I think I'd be pretty interested in listening to.

I think I'll give Muxtape a try with my 8-Trck's and see how it all works out. I'll make sure to include the link beside the next 8-Trck so you can check it out.
If you decide the same, send me your link!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

8-Trck Engineer Ep.09, The Wonder Years

This mix is inspired by my high school years. Every track on this mix was heard countless times throughout my middle school and high school career. I'm not sure if any of you have tried doing this but it's pretty freekin hard. The problem is I still like tons of the music I liked back then and trying to choose the right songs to make this list work was pretty tough. I'm going to say this is like the inch tall nipple-tip of the mile deep ice-burg. I had to choose the most important ones as well as the ones I can still stand listening to...the timless ones.

Some honorable mentions? : Air, Black Heart Procession, Broadcast, International Noise Conspiracy, The Murder City Devils, Pedro the Lion, Pinback, Sunny Day Real Estate, Weezer.
What are some stand out tracks of your highschool years?

8-Trck Engineer Ep. 09, The Wonder Years

Os Gemeos at Deitch

If your in NY before August 9th check out the new Os Gemeos show at Deitch Gallery called Too Far Too Close. Os Gemeos are some bro's from Brazil that are pretty unstoppable right now. From all the low-brow/street and urban art in the last few years, Os Gemeos have been my favorite. I love the scale they work in, their color palette and their character style. They seems to keep it feeling Latin American without any cultural cliches, which I love. Deitch Gallery is an awesome spot for them because it's sooooo open and high. When I was in NY I had to stop in for the Jim Isermann show. The gallery layout is one of the best I've been in, especially for larger installations. 

Check out The World's Best Ever for more photos.

Here's an Os Gemeos you can go stare at in case you can't leave SF like me :(  (It's on Market St)