Monday, June 23, 2008

8-Trck(x2.5) Engineer Ep.08, SummerSundaySleep

I couldn't contain this episode of 8-Trck to 8 tracks. I had to multiple it by 2.5 and I have the number needed for this playlist to be the most enjoyable and also have the most impact.
Wired|Listening Post posted about an article in the Times titled :"Does Music Have the Power to Send Us to Sleep?: A recent experiment in Japan tested the power of music to send us into a deep slumber."
I absolutely love reading about Music and it's neurological power. The experiment took place in Japan where Dr Takuro Endo filled 1,500 people into a theatre. He then seduced them for three hours of carefully chosen music ranging from Chopin and Tchaikovsky to folk singer Mary Hopkins and Japanese tenor Masafumi Akikawa. I would have loved to be in that audience!
I took a Classical appreciation class in college and remember sometimes it was like a battle for my life to stay awake. I would have been an experience to sit among 1500 other people and collectively fall asleep.

After reading both the blog post and the Times article about Dr Takuro Endo and his experiment with music and sleep, I took up Wired's challenge and created my best 8-Trck Engineer episode yet. Except it's 20 tracks of pure mellow bliss for your summertime sunday nap needs! I hope you press play and open a new window and read those articles. It's great stuff. After reading go lay down and take a nap.

8-Trck Engineer Ep. 08, SummerSundaySleep

I know I could have gone all Brian Eno and Fennesz on you guys but I tried to keep this away from just another slumber inducing ambient mix. Hope you liked it

Trck list:
1. Lullatone - Bedroom Bossa Band (frm 2006: Plays Pajama Pop Pour Vous)
2. This Is A Process Of A Still Life - Constantly Under Surveillance (frm 2005: Light)
3. Bibio - Maroon Lagoon (2006: Hand Cranked)
4. Casino Versus Japan - Marilyn Set Me Free (2004: Hitori + Kaiso)
5. Daedelus - Quiet Now (2002: Invention)
6. Boom Bip - Last Walk Around Mirror Lake, Boards of Canada remix (2004: Corymb)
7. Guitar - Red & White (2006: Tokyo)
8. Epic45 - The Stars In Autumn (2007: May Your Heart Be the Map)
9. Tycho - Send and Receive (2006: Past is Prologue)
10. The Cinematic Orchestra - Everyday (2002: Everyday)
11. Balmorhea - Greyish Tapering Ash (2008 Rivers Arms)
12. Denzel & Huhn - New Kerwe (2007: Paraport)
13. Phonem - Currents (220V Offshore) (2000: Hydroelectric)
14. El Perro Del Mar - Inner Island (2008: From The Vallery to The Stars)
15. F.S. Blumm - Lilli (2006: Summer Kling)
16. Vincent Gallo - I Wrote This Song for the Girl Paris Hilton (2001: When)
17. M83 - Sister (part 2) (2007: Digital Shades Vol. 1)
18. Library Tapes - Skiss Av Trad (2007: Hostluft)
19. Eluvium - Indoor Swimming At The Space Station (2007: Copia)
20. Stars Of The Lid - That Finger On Your Temple if the Barrel of My Raygun (2007: And Their Refinement of the Decline)

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