Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I've changed all the past 8-Trck ep's to MediaMaster's radio because FileFactory isn't working out very well for me. It's a temporary upload service like rapidshare and megaupload which means that after a few weeks songs start to disappear! After a bit of searching I found Media Master which is an actual music storage service built so you can store your music and listen to it anywhere from any computer. So far it seems to be a pretty solid service. You can even upload your playlist from itunes directly! pretty nice uh?

here's the recap.
8-Trck Engineer ep 03 My Swedish Sigh
ep 04 The Human Inspired
ep 05 The Coming Of Age
ep 06 Donde Esta Chula Juana?
ep 07 The New Radio
ep 08 SummerSundaySleep

you can link to any of these on the archive list to the right.

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