Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dance Dance Dance

I got a quick minute to post. I just had a few minutes to eat some lunch and decided to catch up on my La Blogotheque podcasts. I hadn't watched any in a few weeks and these two made me forget I was eating or sitting or moving or being.  I hadn't heard much Lykke Li stuff but I'm totally sold after seeing this. Bon Iver is almost to the point of getting played out but these Bon Iver Take Away Shows re-newed that spark that was first there months ago.

Ironically, I'm about to leave my apartment and head straight to where the Lykke Li video was shot! I need to register Popote as our business name at City Hall.

So if you use iTunes, subscribing to the La Blogotheque podcasts is a good move. Especially when you have a newer generation iPod nano and are in between books and have nothing to do on the bus.

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