Wednesday, July 30, 2008

mis fotos

I finally uploaded half the Diana pics Junia and I have taken over the last few months! I'll soon be using some of these as backgrounds for some vinyl pieces I'll be selling through Popote (which I still haven't posted about..don't ask me why). Popote is our new company in which we will be designing, making, and selling greeting cards, home decals, and various other items using vinyl as the "print" medium. cool huh? anyways, gotta love the lomography cameras. These are all shot with the Diana F+ using either kodak black and white or Fuji color, 120 medium format film.
I took these shots on the plane ride back from San Diego! Junia was feeling kinda sick and I was sitting there with the camera in my lap like a tonto tourist who has never seen clouds!





GOTTA love the nasty Mariachi's! these guys were humping EVERYONE. These are at a 90th birthday party in Imperial Beach.



I have more up on my flickr.

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steve said...

wonderful shots!