Friday, April 25, 2008


I'm not really sure why I'm choosing this as my first blog, but I'm in a good state right now with this on and felt like you guys might like this. But first, let me just say, I'm not a music critic nor do I really aspire to be one. 

Music: This is what I'm listening to right now.. 1:35AM. Just started my blog and this is exactly what's playing. This album, for the past few weeks, has been my "I'm-up-late-and-need-to-play-something-good-but-calm-and-beautiful-and-let-me-shut-my-eyes-not-cause-I'm-tired-but-cause-the-music-sucks-my-eyelids-closed-because-it's-so-good" album. This is definitely something you can relax too. 
This Balmorhea's Rivers Arms (Western Vinyl, Feb. 2008)
 This is music without percussion, without a lot of layers, and without a lot of complex instruments. This is piano, violin, guitar. Maybe a few other timbres, but it consistently stays minimal and beautiful. This is what I need to be listening to when I'm peacefully walking half-pace, alone, and in the middle of a wilderness 1,000 miles long, not worried about a single single single thing. I'm not going into this much further, but if you like minimal and hints of classical and music that makes your head just sort of sway with piano keys, then listen to this. you can DL the album on my link below.

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