Friday, April 25, 2008

Ultimate nerd alert

Alright everyone. So, Andres is a gamer. Well, I’m definitely not as bad as I used to be (thank J for that), but I still keep up with video game news and releases. Your probably like “ahhh Andres, you’re a nerd!” and I’m probably “Fuck off! Have some balls and be one too!”
I know most of you…maybe all of you, aren’t into video games, but I’m going to write about some none-the-less. Apart from being completely blown away by 2007’s Bioshock,

I’ve finally started, (and by started I mean put in only about 20 hours) the game Mass Effect.

Some of you may have seen or heard the whole “Lesbian sex- Fox news scandal” with this game. Ridiculous. Some self-help writer said this game had porn and should be pulled from shelves blahblahblah. Thing is, she never played it. She heard about some kind of sex scene and Fox news blew it up…go fig. The sex scene is less than what you’d see on a primetime Fox tv show so I don’t know what they be bitching about. But, this game IS for adults. I mean, even if there was a porno sex scene, kids wouldn’t make it .5 of the way there to see it. They’d be bored out of their freakin minds.
But this isn’t why I’m writing about this game.
This has to be one of best sci-fi experiences I’ve ever had. This game isn’t a game. This is a fuckin interactive novel. There’s more reading in this game than the past few novels I’ve read this year. Junia walks by and keeps asking “what the hell are you playing? Your not even playing anything…” And she’s right. For every hour of play there only like 5-10 minutes of space-gunner-blaster-lazer action. But people! That’s the beauty of video games today! This is an art-medium! Just like a well written novel or directed movie, video games are SEE REE US.
You play a space marine a number of years after humans have colonized near-by space. We’ve already been in one war against our first alien contact and now we’ve joined the galactic community of space-faring races. Keep in mind that all technology, races, dates, military and governments…EVERYTHING, is explained in-depth and completely believable. They put serious technological, physical, astrophysical, biological, etcetc, research time in. So the story goes, I’m a marine, but my character, my personality, is entirely up to me by way of choosing the way I converse with other characters in the game. After about 20 hours of playing you start to see the effects of whether you were a dick or a nice guy up to that point.
Anyways! This game is so awesome because it completely re-enforces the fact that our galaxy, especially our Earth, are just tiny pebbles in a river of rocks. This game makes me think about our place and our future here on Earth. It also makes me think about how awesome video games are. So go try a few if you haven’t in a while. They aren’t really for kids anymore you know.

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