Friday, April 25, 2008

so this is the internets?

So here I am. Finally. Sorta. I'm not totally here yet. But here I am. I've finally decided to start one of these blogs. Junia and I were talking and she convinced me (don't tell her that). But she was right. I love to share things with other people and I love to take in what other people share with me. It's a great cycle to allow yourself to be in...always. I feel like this is what makes me a good person. At the root of all things that is me and what I strive to be, someone who can always appreciate new things shared and discovered and then can't wait for others to be apart of that new connection... That to me is a sign of a good person. And..AND.. these new connections between people aren't there for "cool points" or for personal acclaim. These drives to share and receive need to be honest and need to demonstrate the love of things. Cause that's what I got! I got the love of things!

This blog is going to be that. Music.Design.Art.etcetetc. things I feel others might appreciate. I might not post every day, but when I do post, be sure it'll be something worth posting about.


Junia Isabel said...

i'm so excited that you are finally going to share your world with everyone! there are so many rad things that you are into, and look forward to reading your thoughts on all of them. woot!

glomo said...