Monday, May 12, 2008

Blu u blow my MIND

My theory is this: Vision, as one of our senses, is pretty much predominant in everyday life. We use all our senses, but our vision uses the most brain power in our every day activities (driving our cars, walking through streets, reading our books and newspapers). When you think about how much we rely on our vision for everything, I think we sell ourselves short when it comes to new visual experiences. I'm not talking about some blockbuster movie or drama though- those are people doing people things maybe just with different settings or ideas. I'm talking about experiences that are truly new to our senses. They might be minute and mundane enough for us not to even notice, or huge and significant enough to make us stop and involuntarily drop our jaws. 
I can tell you the last time a visual experience made me tear (don't laugh jerk)... I was with my girlfriend Junia (her blog Tonteria) watching the movie Sunshine on opening night (check out the video down below after READING THE REST!). The visuals and sound in some of the scenes that focus on the Sun are amazing on a huge screen. One scene made me seriously tear-up, I was so in awe. I honestly had a fuckin tear go DOWN MY CHEECK! I didn't cry, I just...I don't know, emotionally leaked. I'd never experienced that. The heaviness of the movies' concept just crashed down on me when I saw that awesomely CG rendered Sun, almost as if I was in that movie. Back to my point. My theory. My theory is simple- we often forget the power of new visual experience simply because we live visually. It's over-stimuli. Too many people's problem is that they are so used to not fully appreciating something because of the amount of crap there is in this world. I know people that just have this serious mental block from appreciating something new so much so that it never even reaches the point of whether they can judge if they like it or not. If they've never seen it, it's not for them. "Eh..I don't know what that is, what's over there" 
We need to stop sometimes and let that new experience at least have a chance at affecting us. SO! When I come across new audio/visual pieces that really let me experience something fresh I can't help but share it.

That being said, I wanted to share this insane video from Blu, titled MUTO. This was made in Buenos Aires but Blu has some amazing wall pieces all over the damn planet. Check out his nice website. This piece is going to set a bar...I don't know what bar, but it is. Bombers, taggers, designers, video makers, and illustrators ALL OVER THE WORLD....... WATCH

here's the trailer to Danny Boyle's Sunshine......jerk.

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