Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Deadly Avenger - Blood & Blossoms

Imagine this. Ambient sounds slowly pulsing, add piano and strings over it till it reaches the height of a classical crescendo, the climax keeps going all the while the strings get a little more potent, stabbing out of the background, then the piano and strings go it alone until it's just the strings stabbing, then the retro synth beat starts. It almost scares you how it jumps in out of no where, almost as if you were at a classical recital and then some break-dancing kid jumps on stage with his ghetto-blaster jamming some eighties freestyle beat while he starts shuffling around the orchestra. That's the title track, Blood & Blossoms, off Deadly Avenger's last album. There's a lot of twists like that in this album, and if you like beats and instrumental music, seriously give this a try. My only advice is not to skip any of it, cause like I said, there are tons of nice and very fresh twists that might not happen till half way through a song- and most of those twists are enough to make you grin and think "damn, you sly Mr. Avenger..." If you like it buy it. click on sendspace for the album DL

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