Wednesday, May 21, 2008

8-Trck Engineer Ep.01

I haven't posted in almost a week... I've been thinking about how I want to post music and was gathering my thoughts. I've also been busy job hunting and party-planning for my girlfriends 25th birthday party.

The way I was posting music before was somewhat akin to a pirate ship. There's a lot of music blogs out there that are posting albums everyday. I'm not going to lie, I do get some music that way. But after doing it myself I started feeling the moral weight getting heavier and heavier. Granted, only like 3 people even downloaded the albums I posted (why is that?), I'm still changing it up.
Instead of uploading full albums from current artists I'm listening to, I'm going to become....wait for it.....
The 8-Trck Engineer!
twice a week I will be hosting an 8 track mix. So for the 3 or 4 of you out there that come across this blog, maybe you'll look forward to some new music, maybe some old music and maybe some different music. I'm going to get back on this blog-of-a-horse and cover some new and interesting things going on in my world. Leave me some comments yo!

8-Trck Engineer, May 21st 2008
The Mutual Electricity mix

1. Apparat - Arcadia (boys noize remix)- Boys Noize have been really busy the past year. They've been on top of the best remixs from Justice to Feist. The original song from the album Walls was in my top 5 songs of 2007. HIGHLY recommend Apparat.
2. Feist - My Moon My Man (boys noize remix)- Thought these two tracks needed to be friends. Feist's vocals always kill. I really liked this remix. I'd like to hear more good electronic Feist songs.
3. Hercules & Love Affair - This is the single from the new album put out by New York DJ Andy Butler under DFA Records. Antony Hegarty (of the awesome Antony & the Johnsons) guests on this track.
4. Caribou - She's The One (Hot Chip Remix)- Caribou's Andorra was one of my top albums of 2007. Throw in a remix from Hot Chip? Can't beat it. This track has been playing since I got it last month.
5. Gablé - Puree Hiphop (7 Guitars with a Cloud of Milk)- Honestly...I don't know who Gable is. I just got this track from Bleep's latest comp and I LOVE IT... I LOVE THIS TRACK. I'm going to research these guys or guy or girl right now. bye.
6. Four Tet - Ribbons - Off his new 2008 4 track "Ringer" album. This is not the Four Tet everyone's used to and you can only love him more for it.
7. Flying Lotus - Parisian Goldfish - Flying Lotus has been coming up the last year. This is off 2008's Los Angeles - a perfect album for when your in the mood for head-bobbing to non-intrusive beats.
8. Junior Boys - No Kinda Man - This is an exclusive track for Body Language Six, a mix cd for Get Physical's series. Anything JB puts out I jump on... JB makes me feel good.

all artists links are to myspace.


Junia Isabel said...
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Junia Isabel said...

That's a rad idea! I would totally steal that from you, but I could never make mixes as good as you. I look forward to the episode mixes you make! It's my birfday!