Thursday, May 1, 2008

Save The Date!

Alright, so a few weeks ago I took part in a "Save the Date Challenge" held by The 1st place prize is 1000 dollars and a I'm feeling slightly confident. Slightly. There's some really good designs. There's some not so good ones either, and hopefully voters will place mine in the  first category. I called mine "Spring Theory." A kind of play off the title "String Theory." I wanted to make it light with very thin accent lines that would curve into the picture. There's a slight antiqueness added to the lower portion where the text goes, but I'm not so sure people will see that. The couple pictured wanted something that went well with their outdoor garden theme wedding with bright colors. I was kinda tripping myself over my color palette and I think I could have come up with something better. I guess Yuri's Night sucked some of the creativity out of me (I had to submit this a few days after the event).  In any case, it makes me feel a little more confident that I can design wedding stationary. This business is lacking a lot of design and is totally over-priced everywhere. That's a great combination to dive into. So I'm confident in my design, but doubtful that I'll win anything. But it's been fun feeling this anticipation and I'm going to look forward to future design challenges. REGISTER AND VOTE! REGISTER AND VOTE!
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