Monday, July 7, 2008


Something that's been missing from all of our jumps to a more digital and "connected" life is the craft of mixtaping. It's something I've been really trying to bring with 8-Trck Engineer. Someone else has been thinking about it and they come out with Muxtape. Muxtape started in March of this year and it's a place for users to create mixtapes in a super simple way without going through a ton of loops. All you need is 12 songs to upload and your set. I love the minimal and bright colors which make it feel very 8-bit and non-intimidating. They even get musicians and celebs to post up some mixes which I think I'd be pretty interested in listening to.

I think I'll give Muxtape a try with my 8-Trck's and see how it all works out. I'll make sure to include the link beside the next 8-Trck so you can check it out.
If you decide the same, send me your link!

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